Every year, a relatively large number, so called league competitions are arranged around the country where bouts in MMA class A (former Amateur MMA) and MMA Class-B (former Shoot fighting) take place.

The competitors collect ranking points and the highest ranked in each weight class and regulations will be offered to attend SM.


The federal security stairway aims at competitors with different experiences competing at different levels.

In 2016 an active redistribution between the number of competitors in the MMA Class-A and MMA Class B was made, so that we get more competitors in MMA Class A. From this, the following decisions have been made:

1. A competitor who has six (6) or more bouts in the MMA Class B from the previous two (2) competition years is considered to be over-qualified for MMA Class-B (formerly Shoot fighting) and may only enroll in MMA Class-A

2. Competitors who participated in the MMA Class-A bout during the previous two (2) competition years may not register in MMA Class B (former Shoot fighting).


Below you will find information about how SM generally works. For the current SM year there is a separate page of information.


Competitors placed among the 4 first on the ranking list in a weight class receive an offer to attend SM. If two are drawn from the same club, it is the club’s and individuals’ choice to compete against each other and SMMAF wants to ensure that national representatives in national team are the top athletes.

In MMA Class A (former Amateur MMA), the following applies to competitors who have competed professional bouts according to IMMAF’s definition. Such competitors may participate, provided that the tournament tree is not full and that the contestant does not have a clubmate behind in the rankings.


SM is conducted in tournament format over 2 days with semifinals day 1 and final day 2.


The tournament tree will be seeded so that number 1 on the ranking list competes against number 4, number 2 competes against number 3.


In MMA Class A (formerly Amateur MMA), all bouts are completed in 3 x 3 minute format. In MMA Class B (former shoot fighting), is conducted in 2 x 3 min, however finals are 3 x 3 minutes. Both classes have a roundabout of 1 min between the rounds.


For contestants, it is weigh-in every day a contestant is going fighting. The weigh-in shall be at official weight every day a participant competes.


Each participating club will, as usual, contribute with a judge on SM.